What is NPS?

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Just like in previous years, we would like to ask our clients to give us their opinion about the satisfaction with our Services.

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, expresses the degree of customer loyalty in general. The NPS is calculated based on ratings, for example, when you are asked: „How likely would you recommend (the company / product / service …) to your friend or to your colleague?“ In return, you will be giving a score from 0 (totally unlikely) to 10 (totally likely).

Customer satisfaction survey scheme

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The overall results only reflect the ratings with score of 9-10 for the satisfied customers and ratings between 0-6 for less satisfied customers among the respondents.

Ratings with the score of 7 and 8, which you might find very positive, are not included in the result and therefore do not affect the overall result.

Clients also use the space for their comments in the survey, they are the inspiration for us to improve further. Based on the outcome of the previous surveys, the following new features or services have been introduced:

  • New LCV Product
    Servicing network setup and supplementary services for light commercial vehicles.
  • Online arranging of service
    You select the location, date and supplementary services through the web form.
  • Pre-reserved servicing capacity/slots
    Extended capacity in servicing venues just for LeasePlan vehicle users. The slots can be used while making an appointment for servicing through our driver contact center at +420 296 333 666 or through the web form.
  • Insurance green card
    The insurance green card can be downloaded in the DriverPass. The green card is now available immediately online.