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Operational leasing: How to prepare your car for return after the contract expiry

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What is the process for the vehicle return after the contract expiry? After reading this article, you’ll be in the know.

The four years of operational leasing are almost behind you and we sure hope it was worth the ride. If you decline to purchase the leased car after the contract ends, and you simply want to return it to the leasing company, you may be unsure about exactly what to do or even what to expect. With this article, we would like to guide you through the process so that you know what to expect, what documents to get ready, what to check, who to call, etc. That way you will avoid any unpleasant surprise at the end. No worries, we will help you out.

Generally speaking, the vehicle return looks a little different each time, and a lot of it depends on the terms and conditions of your operational leasing contract. However, checking the condition of the car and preparing if for the return, as well as completion of the necessary documents is always the same. Let's take a look at what you can do in advance to make the vehicle return go smoothly.

Check the condition of the car and avoid potential extra charges

You have been driving the car for four years and there are a few scratches and knocks on the car. And maybe that's why you're afraid that the leasing company may charge you a large amount for excessive wear. The guidelines for evaluation of excessive wear and tear for passenger vehicles and for utility vehicles clearly define the acceptable and non-acceptable damages. You can either get the car in order before returning it, which can also be partly covered by your insurance, or risk it, return the car as it is, and have the excessive wear and tear invoiced.

If you are not sure which option would suit you better, you can use the car pre-inspection service. For CZK 1,220, the inspector will inspect the car and evaluate exactly how much you would pay the leasing company for any excessive wear. Then you can decide whether that amount is acceptable or you can have the car repaired and return it in a perfect condition. If you consider this option, kindly contact to order the pre-inspection service. However, it is best to solve every seemingly small thing with the leasing company already during the operating lease as they come, and not wait until the contract’s end. Don't forget that extensive damages may also be covered by the insurance, as long as you report them and get them repaired before returning the car.

After four years of operational leasing you will be returning the car, in which you have expanded your business and you have a feeling that you may need a more elaborate plan for the next period? Contact us and together we will come up with a fitting proposal.

How to prepare the vehicle for its return

Wash the vehicle before the return so that the leasing company can detect any potential damages on the vehicle when handing it over. And if you had company logos on your car, you need to remove them, trying not to damage the paintwork, otherwise their removal will be charged to you. Make sure that you return with the vehicle all the accessories that you received with the car, such as towing equipment, safety partitions or a complete set of tires.

Oh, and the documents...

Check this list and make sure you have all the documents ready.

• Vehicle registration certificate
• TPL insurance card – so-called green card
• Fuel card/-s if your lease contract includes fuel cards
• Servicing booklets, vehicle manuals
• All sets of keys (incl. keys from security devices, if applicable)
• Radio codes and alarm codes
• Set of seasonal tires
• Warranty documents to any accessories (such as car radio, tow bar)
Four simple options how to return a car leased from LeasePlan:

1. If your car is leased with LeasePlan Go, please return the car at the drop-off location with the inspector being present.

Kindly arrange the handover at the drop-off location with the SGS inspector being present. Make the appointment ahead of time online, the return is done at the drop-off location where you will be expected to bring your car. An independent inspector will carefully inspect the car and write a detailed report about the car condition, including photographs. The whole process will take about 60 minutes. Then, within 10 days, you will receive a report via e-mail, where you will find all the necessary information, including the amount for excessive wear and tear of the car. Make an appointment to return the car in person with the SGS inspector.

2. We will pick the car up at your address

We will come to you to pick up the car and a brief handover protocol will be signed. You choose the time and the place. We will bring the car for you to the drop-off location, where a detailed inspection will be done by the SGS inspector to determine the potential wear and tear on the car. If this is the right solution for you, you can order the car pick-up right away.

3. Return the car at the drop-off location without the inspector being present

All you have to do is make an appointment through the online form and bring the car to the drop-off location. We will take the car from you and a brief handover protocol will be signed. Later, a detailed inspection will be done by the SGS inspector to determine the potential wear and tear on the car. You won’t need to be present; you will receive the SGS report via e-mail.

4. If the car you use is with the FlexiPlan product, all you need to do is call us

You simply return the vehicle to the LeasePlan representative. Make an appointment by calling us at +420 774 744 515.

Documentation that may come in handy

Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines for cars
Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines for commercial vehicles

Will you look for another car after the current lease contract expires? We would recommend to start at least a few months before the end of the old contract, so that your business is not left without a car. We recommend choosing cars that are in stock or available within a few months. You can find the car catalog on the website: