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When in trouble, we won’t let you down. Find out what to do if you have an accident

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Accidents happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. But if they do, we are here to help you. If you happen to have an accident with a car under the operational leasing contract, you have the advantage of a strong and stable partner that will help you resolve the unpleasant situation, including provision of road assistance services and a replacement vehicle. What is the entire process from reporting of the incident up to the settlement of the necessary paperwork?

One contact for all your problems

Call the driver NONSTOP line at +420 296 333 666 if you have an accident, if you need road assistance or even if you just need to make sure about a certain service element. We will help you out.

Imagine that you crashed into another car at an intersection. Nobody was going too fast, and luckily nobody got injured but both cars got smashed quite bad. You’ve agreed with the other driver that you will not call the Police because it is not necessary (there is a legal obligation to call the Police in case of death, injury, damage on the vehicles exceeding CZK 100,000 or any damage on property of a third party). So, how should you proceed and who should you contact first?

The Traffic Accident Report is the key

Maybe you’ve been lucky and you’ve never been involved in an accident, and you are seeing the Traffic Accident Report for the first time. It is a key document, which helps the insurance company specify the extent of the damage and the party in fault. Fill it in even if your ŠKODA KODIAQ is a leased vehicle with operational leasing. You will find the accident report form in the Driver set. And if needed, you can easily download the Traffic Accident Report again. And don’t forget to take pictures of all the details.

Call us

As soon as you finish the Traffic Accident Report, let us know. We are available 24/7 at the phone number +420 296 333 666 to help you resolve any situation that may come, from arranging road assistance, through replacement car to towing the vehicle to the closest partner service. Please don’t take your car to any random servicing place nearby and don’t call any random assistance service; instead, leave it all up to us. The operator will tell you what you need to do and he/she will take care of the rest. You can also report the vehicle damage through an online form.

Help is on the way

If your car is inoperable after the accident, we will come for rescue almost anywhere in Europe. Our assistance service partners operate in the entire EU, as well as in Turkey and also in some parts of the Russian Federation. Probably the only places we can’t reach are Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. What is included in the assistance service depends on the conditions set in your leasing contract. Here we can see, once again, that the least expensive payment does not mean the best services.

If you have an accident and you call our NONSTOP driver line at +420 296 333 666, the operator will arrange the assistance directly. So you only need to know one phone number and make one phone call. We have guaranteed time limits for the provision of the assistance service, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on the highway somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And it goes without saying that we will help all the passengers in your car. We’ll come to rescue you, tow away the car, provide a replacement car, and even interpret for you when you are in a foreign country, and we will also find out all the current traffic information for you.

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No need to fear

Well, actually we should fear about something. About your life and health but if nobody gets injured during the accident, you don’t have to fear about other troubles or extra costs if you didn’t cause the accident. The best thing you can do is to contact us no matter what the damage on your car is, even if it is just a few scratches. The insurance company will cover part of the repair costs, and you don’t have to worry about the charges for extra wear and tear at the end of the contract.

When it is serious...

When the accident is not just about dents or if the accident was caused by you

 What should I do if an ambulance takes me away from the location of the accident? Who will take care of the car?

Always call our helpline and report the accident as soon as you can, and we will take care of the rest. If you are injured and unable to report the accident, the Police will take care of your car but we would recommend not to delay the report and to call the helpline as soon as possible. The Police could, for example, place the car in their parking lot where parking fees add up every day, etc.

 I’m responsible for the accident. When and how will I pay for the damage to the car?

When you report the accident to us and provide all the relevant documentation, we will resolve the damage with the insurance company for you. Then we will re-invoice you the deductible amount or, if you do not have insurance in your contract, we will charge the entire amount of the damage repair.

 What could happen if I do not report the accident to the leasing company?

It is important to report the damage to the insurance company. We will do that for you, but only if we know about it. Otherwise, the expenses could be re-invoiced in full.