Take the fast lane to an up-to-date car policy

Mobility is changing fast: low emission zones in cities, the transition to electric vehicles, changing employee needs. Having an up-to-date car policy is crucial to managing fleet costs and providing clarity to your employees.

Using the Car Policy Configurator together with your Drivalia account manager, you can have a car policy that fits your needs in only one hour.

So why wait? Take the fast lane to an up-to-date car policy now!

A clear car policy has a lot of advantages:

  • Speed: in only one hour Your Drivalia account manager will plan a meeting and together, you will create your car policy in the online tool, the Car Policy Configurator. All most common policies are already in the tool and easily available to select, giving you a complete car policy in only one hour.
  • Always up-to-date car policy including all new mobility evolutions You will always be able to easily make changes and update your policy based on new needs of your employees or any changes in the policy that you want to make.
  • Complete car policy Drivalia has benchmarked most common car policies, which are ready for you to select in the Car Policy Configurator. This will help you create a complete car policy.
  • Customised car policy for your fleet You can make adjustments and changes to ensure your policy always reflects your unique fleet, employees and company strategy.
  • Clarity for your employees Which car can I select? Can my partner drive my company car? What about electric vehicles? Fuel during private usage of the car? Driving outside the EU?’ All these and other typical questions of your employees will be answered thanks to a clear and consistent car policy that you can easily share with your employees.
  • Base for cost control A car policy is a perfect tool to manage your fleet costs. By setting clear rules and restrictions around the car and its usage it’s possible to manage fleet costs and keep them under control. Some of the areas you can look at are: car selection (per function), fuel usage, accidents, repair and maintenance.
  • WLTP methodology When we are preparing your new car policy, we're only working with current data. Such as emissions. We have all current emissions values of ŠKODA models available, according to WLTP methodology.

How does it work?

Your car policy will be ready in only one hour using the Car Policy Configurator. Together with your Drivalia account manager, you will create your car policy that fits your needs during a meeting.

So why wait? Get in touch with Drivalia today for an up-to-date car policy.

Fill in your information and your Drivalia contact person will get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.